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Frequently Asked Questions:


Who is my medical provider?

Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield. Blue Access Plan



Do I need a referral under the medical plan to see a specialist?

No. No referral is necessary under our medical plan.


Is there an app for our insurance?

Yes! The Anthem app is free and available for you to view provider status, claims status, benefits, get exclusive offers for being Anthem members and a very convenient way to always have your insurance card with you, as it can be viewed from the app.


The “Engage” app is also available.

Engage is your personalized health assistant. It’s provided for free by your employer and is completely confidential. Engage is designed for you to get more out of your health benefits so you can experience your healthcare in a whole new way.

Engage App Flyer


How can I get a new card?

You can request a new card from the Human Resources office (740.833.2124). You may also download the FREE Engage app and you will have a copy of your card available from your phone at all times.


I’m traveling outside of the country. Will my insurance still be valid?

Yes. It is recommended that you call Anthem (1-855-603-7982) and notify them ahead of time of your travel plans but coverage will still be in place and active.


How can I get my address changed with the insurance providers?

You must complete an address change with Delaware County in order for the change to be processed to the carriers. Once it is received, a transmittal will go over to each applicable insurance provider.


I had a baby. What do I need to do?

You must complete a “Cebco Change Form” listing the child within 30 days after the date of birth in order for the child to be covered under your plan. If the addition is not made within the required time frame, you may add a dependent to your plan during open enrollment, effective the first of the following calendar year.



I got married. What do I need to do?

You must complete a “Cebco Change Form” adding your new spouse within 30 days after the date of the marriage in order for your spouse to have coverage under your plan. A copy of the marriage license is required at the time of the form submittal. If the addition is not made within the required time frame, you may add your spouse to your plan during open enrollment, effective the first of the following calendar year.



I got divorced. What do I need to do?

You must complete a “Cebco Change Form” removing your spouse from your plan within 30 days after the date the divorce is final. A copy of the divorce decree is required at the time of the form submission.



When can I make changes to my plan/s?

The open enrollment process happens towards the end of each calendar year. Changes go into effect the first of the following year.

Outside of the open enrollment period, changes are allowed due only to qualifying events or major life events; marriage, birth of a child, divorce, loss of other coverage, etc. Changes must be made within 30 days of the qualifying event and the applicable documentation will be required.


My spouse and I are separated and I would like to remove him/her from my insurance. What do I need to do?

You must be legally divorced in order to remove a spouse from your plan mid-year. The qualifying event, completion of the necessary form and required documentation must be submitted within 30 days of the event.

During open enrollment, you may make changes to your plan without a qualifying event or the requirement of documentation.


My son/daughter is graduating this year. When will his/her coverage terminate?

Dependent children are covered under our plan/s until the last day of the month in which they turn 26 years of age. There is no educational requirement in place.


Who is my prescription provider?




Do I have to use the mail order prescription plan?

No. While the mail order plan is setup for maintenance medications so that you can get a 90 day supply with each refill, the program is not mandated. You may fill your prescriptions at the pharmacy each month, if you choose.

If you are currently on a maintenance medication, you can fill a three-month supply of long-term medicines through home delivery from the IngenioRx Home Delivery or from any retail pharmacy.

Getting a single three-month supply saves you money over three one-month supplies. Plus, you’ll make fewer trips to the pharmacy and you’ll be less likely to miss a dose since you won’t have to refill as often.

Anthem Prescription Information 


I don’t have a dental and/or vision card.

There are no cards issued for Delaware County’s dental or vision plan/s. When visiting your provider, you will need to tell them your coverage is with Delta Dental of Ohio for dental coverage and/or VSP for vision coverage. They will access your coverage by using that information and your social security number.


VSP 2017


Do we have an EAP (Employee Assistance Plan)?

Yes. We have benefits available to us through ComPysch Guidance Resources. Employees and family members are eligible for this program simply by calling them at 877-327.4452.



Do we have a Wellness Program?

Yes. The wellness program is open to all employees, and spouses, covered under the County’s health insurance plan. Participation in the program is both encouraged and rewarded. The program allows you to gain points throughout the year for wellness related services and activities. Once you have achieved all the necessary points and completed the program, you will be eligible for an incentive. Spouses also under the medical plan have the same requirements and benefit available.



After termination of employment, when does my coverage end?

Benefits extend to midnight of the last day of the month in which your employment terminated. Cobra coverage will be offered to you, at your own cost, for any plan that you currently have, via U.S. mail.


Does Delaware County offer a Flexible Spending Account?

Yes. A medical flexible spending account and a dependent care flexible spending account are available for you to enroll during the open enrollment period each calendar year.

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Do I have to enroll in the Flexible Spending Account each year?

Yes. Flexible Spending Account plans must be renewed each calendar year. Delaware County cannot continue your enrollment from year to year.