Welcome to Delaware County’s 2020 Wellness Program!

Important update as we head towards our August 14th end date for the 2019-2020 program. Previously we partnered with Interactive Health to create and track our program, we recently shared some important updates due to the closing of their business.

The great news is we have found a new partner with Health Works and will be able to complete our program this year through our new partnership. We are very happy to be partnering with Health Works and are pleased to announce that the only requirement to complete the Wellness Program this year will be the submission of your bloodwork.

As you will see below in our video update and the provided attachments, employees will need to visit the Health Works site. Once there, you will create your account and verify your bloodwork has been received by Health Works. Please follow the full directions on creating an account in the Wellness Program 2020 attachment below.

Reminder: Spouses enrolled in the Delaware County plan will also need to complete the move to Health Works. Both employee and spouse under the Delaware County / Health Works Plan are required to complete the program in order to receive the incentive in 2021.

The deadline for completion is August 14, 2020

Please take the time to invest in your health and log onto the Health Works site and get enrolled. Watch the video below and check out the attachments detailing this change.

There’s no better investment than your health and well-being!


Wellness Program Update: July 16th, 2020

Program Switch From Interactive Health to Health Works



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